The robotic floating universal platform “Peacemaker” passes factory tests (video)

Frame from test tests of the robotic floating complex “Peacemaker”.

KVP “Synergy” conducts factory tests of the robotic floating universal platform “Peacemaker”.

In creating the robotic complex “Peacemaker”, the inventors took into account the experience of using robotic platforms in the world’s leading armies.

“Also after the presentation to the troops, we were clearly stressed the need to reduce the height and size. And this is logical and reasonable based on the tactics of combat operations of our troops, the lower the platform, the lower its silhouette and the less noticeable it is to the enemy and the less vulnerable. Therefore, missions for the evacuation of the wounded, logistics of cargo, and even more intelligence to perform much safer “, – General Director of the Design and Production Enterprise” SYNERGY “Ruslan Jalilov

Much attention was paid to making the platform universal, namely the ability to quickly re-equip to perform various tasks in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“So far, we have already tested the platform in two versions: combat (with combat module” Amulet “from GosKKB” Ray “) and logistics (both for the transport of manpower and cargo),” – said the chief designer of KVP “Synergy” Mykola Bondarenko .

The company reports that specialists of various profiles and enterprises were involved in the development of the robotic platform, which in turn made it possible to carry out the stages of development and production of the sample in a balanced and fast way.

Much emphasis was placed on the use of computer simulation systems, which significantly accelerated the process of developing the platform.

“It should also be noted that the design department of KVP Synergy LLC at the stage of designing and developing a preliminary design of the relevant technical calculations, as a result of which adjustments were made to the original design and achieved high traction and dynamic performance of the robotic platform and the ability to overcome water obstacles.” – Mykola Bondarenko, the chief designer of Synergy, said.

The concept of the universal robotic platform “Peacemaker” of the 1st and 2nd generation

At the stage of development of the preliminary design of the next generation robotic complex, engineers studied the experience of leading companies developing robotic multi-purpose platforms.

“It was a great honor for us that LUCH Design Bureau chose our platform to create a tank fighter. We are currently working with the anti-tank combat module “Amulet” with 2 missiles ATGM Stugna, which can hit tanks at a distance of up to 5 km and can pierce the armor of tanks up to 1000mm. This is the future. This is a very powerful solution and it fully complies with global trends, ”said Technical Director Oleksandr Kuzma.

In the future, in the process of developing the design of the future robotic complex, the priority was to ensure modularity in operation.

Also provide maximum functionality and simplicity of design.


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