Prison guards involved in brutal torture in occupied Donbass

In the Donetsk region, two organizers and six guards of the “Izolyatsia” underground prison will be tried for torture and other grave crimes. This was reported by the press service of the GUNP.

Izolyatsia is a former cultural center in Donetsk, which the militants turned into a real concentration camp. According to police, civilians and prisoners of war are being severely tortured in violation of all international human rights treaties.
To send the indictments to court, the police worked for seven years on a pre-trial investigation. During this time, they carried out investigative actions with more than fifty former prisoners of Izolyatsia, who now live in different regions of Ukraine.
Thus, the investigation established that in June 2014, on the territory of the former plant of insulation materials seized by the militants in Donetsk, an underground prison was organized for citizens with a pro-Ukrainian position – both ATO / JFO participants and civilians.
Currently, the police have fully collected evidence about eight members of the criminal organization: immediate leaders and guards. Law enforcers found out that the dungeon was run by two residents of the Donetsk region, 39 and 48 years old, who were in the position of the head of the “Special Operations Service of the DPR Ministry of State Security,” controlled by the Russian Federation.
It is known that among the most cruel tortures used in prison are cutting teeth, connecting electricity to various organs, rape, imitation of execution and burial alive with nails being driven into a coffin.
In addition, the jailers exploited the victims, driving them out to forced labor: unloading ammunition, repairing military equipment, building roads, cleaning in the “leadership residence”. Emaciated people were forced to work from morning until late at night, often without food or water, guarded by guards with machine guns, who mocked the prisoners.
The prisoners were also forced to disassemble the goods stolen from the captured enterprises, including expired food, which were then packed in new packaging and sold to residents in large stores. There are 34 victims in this case, including men and women of different ages, there are also pensioners and even an 18-year-old boy. The defendants were charged in absentia with participation in a criminal organization (part 1 of Art. 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine), illegal paramilitary groups (part 1 of Art. 260), cruel treatment of the civilian population (part 4 of Art. 28, Part 1 of Art. 438), human trafficking (part 4 of article 28, part 1 of article 149).
In addition, six guards are charged under Part 1 of Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (participation in a terrorist organization).
“According to the current legislation, the accused can be convicted in absentia and, after arrest, immediately sent to places of deprivation of liberty,” the message says.



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