“If you attack us, I will be the eternal president.” Alexander Lukashenko gave an hour-long interview to CNN. The shortest retelling

We in Belarus have never fired point-blank, even at radicals. I know of only one case of the murder of a protester, but he himself came to kill. And all the rest – someone died from covid, from asthma, from oncology. But in the US Congress, a girl was shot – is this not a violation of human rights? And you keep silent about it. An atmosphere of fear in Minsk? Lies. Did you walk around Minsk yourself? Our people with CNN do not want to talk, because you are constantly distorting information. It looks like you came to accuse me of something – apparently you have such a task. I’m not going to be president to death, but if you attack us, I will be president forever. I am still young, not like yours in the Washington regional committee.

There are no Russian military bases in Belarus, only two for civilian purposes. But if it is necessary to resist your aggression, the whole of Belarus will turn into a single military base. We will build our future with Russia and even you cannot stop us. You have Anglo-Saxon thinking, and Russians and I never bargain over money, we are fraternal peoples. Nobody forced Tikhanovskaya to flee the country, she herself asked to take her to the border. The Ryanair plane landing was not an intelligence operation – these are your fantasies. I can personally guarantee the safety of flights over Belarus, but if we see a threat to the state, we will immediately land any plane. If you don’t want to fly, we’ll do it. We have lived without the EU and will live for many more years. What we need to sell – we will sell to Russia and Asia.

This is a rough retelling of Alexander Lukashenko ‘s interview with CNN. Quotes, including those written in the first person, are not necessarily literal.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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