A letter from Mikhail Saakashvili from prison (MS’s FB page translation)

Sat Oct 2, 2021

✊ Mikheil Saakashvili’s appeal from prison:

′′ My dear fellow warriors and my beloved Georgian society, when I left everything in Kiev and came here I knew that I would most likely be arrested, with completely invented, fake verdicts, which were brought to me by Putin’s order at the time. No country in the world acknowledges this verdict except Russia, but I still arrived because I believe in my country and each of you. I would like to ask you all to go to the elections so that no votes will be lost and after that we can all defend the referendum results together. My freedom and the thousand times more important Georgia’s freedom depends on your activity and struggle in the coming days. International support depends on it as well. Please don’t compare, let’s believe that our victory is in our hands, I love you your loyal Mikheil Saakashvili ′′

One comment

  • Georgia Dream should be renamed Putler’s Dream. If they go ahead with these ridiculous charges, put him through a show trial and lock him up, the tiny poisoner will achieve several key objectives :
    1/ severe damage to Ukraine-Georgia relations
    2/ what little support the west provides to Georgia will evaporate
    3/ Georgia will drift into a defacto putlerstan republic.

    I hope I am wrong and GD takes a massive caning in the polls today. Seems unlikely because Saakash says the polls are rigged. So why does he think he can get a result for his party today? He must know something that we don’t?

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