Ukraine seeks explanations from Russia on deployment of hi-end radar to occupied Donbas

Ukraine has called on Russia to explain what part of the Minsk agreements on the peaceful settlement of conflict in eastern Ukraine contains a clause that allows Russia to supply to the occupied Donbas modern weaponry and equipment, such as the recently spotted Kasta-2E1 radar.

The statement came during a meeting an OSCE Permanent Council meeting in Vienna on Thursday, September 30.

On September 23, the SMM saw a modern Kasta-2E1 radar station in the temporarily occupied Donetsk region, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to international organizations in Vienna Yevhenii Tsymbaliuk said in his address.

According to the envoy, yet another proof of the supply of hi-end Russian military hardware to the Ukrainian territory, along with the shutdown of the OSCE mission on the Russian-Ukrainian border, emphasizes the need for effective discussions in the Council, which would allow opening new advanced patrol bases and improve SMM’s technical capacity to implement the provisions of the Minsk Agreements, which provide for constant monitoring and verification of the Ukrainian-Russian state border, as well as the creation of a security zone at the border.

The head of the Ukrainian mission to the OSCE also pointed to the deteriorating security situation in eastern Ukraine.

Over the past week, the SMM registered 2,445 ceasefire violations, including 466 explosions, which is 155% more than in the previous week, he said.

It was earlier reported that in February, the OSCE SMM UAV had spotted Russia’s 51U6 Kasta-2E1 radar at a test site of the Russian-led armed groups near the village of Buhaivka in the non-government-controlled part of Luhansk region. This decimeter-range Russian mobile radar station is designed to detect aerial targets, including those flying at ultra-low altitudes. Given the fact that Ukrainian aircraft do not operate in the Joint Forces Operation zone, experts suggested that the Russians had deployed the radar to hunt for the OSCE SMM-manned UAVs.

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  • No explanation needed, just send in the Turkish drones and make scrap metal of these radars. Muscovy could hardly complain, they are not there remember.

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  • What a black farce innocent Ukrainians have had to live with these past 8 years. The putinazis continue to do exactly what they want and all they get from the people who could put an end to it is expressions of concern. The krauts alone could stop the cunts just be taking a few simple actions, let alone the EU and the US. Time is long overdue for the government of Germany to be declared as acting openly in the interests of Russia. Oh I forgot, IRA Joe is also a Russian asset, whether by stupidity, kompromat, bribery or ideology. Who the fuck knows?
    It also looks as if the kraut electorate may have elected an even more putler-groveling regime than the last one.

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