The Pentagon decided to provide Ukraine with six more Mark VI multipurpose boats free of charge 

The Ukrainian naval forces will receive six more Mark VI-class multipurpose boats from the United States free of charge.

This was announced on September 30 by the US Department of Defense.

The American company SAFE Boats International received a contract worth more than $ 84 million. This amount includes money for the modernization of a couple of boats previously ordered by the Pentagon. Thus, the cost of one boat is just over 10.5 million.

Recall that in 2020, the Pentagon announced the provision of 16 Mark VI boats to the Navy, with six we will receive for free, and another 10 for money.

In March of this year, the USA  increased the number of free “Marks” to 8 pieces, and yesterday’s decision says that we will receive 14 out of 16 boats for free.



  • 5 destroyers and a carrier would be better. And more decisive.

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    • You shouldn’t look at a gift horse in the mouth ;))

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      • Meaning don’t be ungrateful? I think Ukraine is very grateful for anything and everything that it receives. But the fact remains: it is just crumbs from the rich man’s table. You can see how seriously the US are taking the Russian threat to them in the Atlantic from the article I posted yesterday. Yet the putrid Biden regime is downplaying the existential threat to Ukraine.
        Britain is building warships for Ukraine right now, but many years too late. The Budapest signatories should be preparing crushing sanctions and sending the type of kit that a) prevents the putinazis from taking even one centimetre further and b) provides them with the capability to retake those lands.
        Charlie Moore has written a good article about appeasement today in the DT. I’ll try to post it ASAP.

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        • Add to that, updating or eliminating the Montreux convention that limits NATO ships in the Black Sea has to go too. I’m quite sure Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Ukraine would be on the same page. Does Putler have any friends on the Black Sea? Silly question I think.

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          • Add Poland and Lithuania to that lot and you have the type of military and political alliance that could easily see off the threat of the tiny poisoner.
            If only they would do it!

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  • Wouldn’t it have been nice to have given Ukraine all of the weapons that Biden’s incompetent monkey staff have left the Taliban? Heck, even a quarter of it is worth far more than these six vessels are worth … and the last military aid package and the one before that…

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  • Great! Hopefully more and bigger to come!

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