“He made an unacceptable decision”: Georgian president refuses to pardon Saakashvili

Salome Zurabishvili reacted categorically to the possibility of releasing her predecessor from criminal liability.Salome Zurabishvili reacted to Saakashvili's arrest / photo by REUTERSSalome Zurabishvili reacted to Saakashvili’s arrest / photo by REUTERS

Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili has refused to pardon her predecessor Mikheil Saakashvili, who was detained in Batumi .

This was reported by the Georgian edition of Radio Svoboda .

“Everyone is united before the law. Many today ask whether President Saakashvili will pardon. The answer is one, simple and final: no, never,” Zurabishvili said during a briefing on October 1, accusing her predecessor of “despising human rights.” , free business and the rule of law “.

Zurabishvili added that she was unhappy to see the former president arrested on camera, but acknowledged that “the rule of law required it.”

“He made a decision that was unacceptable to the president when he lost his citizenship and when he violated the border and the law today, trying to undermine the authority of state law enforcement agencies,” said the Georgian president.

According to her, Saakashvili’s actions “led to destabilization in the country.”

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  • Does this ‘woman’ abuse children in a secret dungeon, or is she on a bad ass drug???

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  • Another former ally of Saakash who has turned against him. This is very smelly.

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  • I see a pattern. Former Soviet Republics outside get attacked, invaded and intimidated by Russia, unpunished. The United States and Europe saw governments predominantly friendly towards RuSSia and China, even allowing the Taliban to retake Afghanistan. Remember, i am a former Yanukovich supporter and one of Arkan’s tigers. If even a mind like mine gets confused, you can assume there’s some huge bullshit going on. It really seems the world has been hijacked by Putin, and things will only get worse until some US president will stop this mess. Cruz and Rubio seem to have the ballz. Let’s hope we will survive until one of these brave Cubans are elected!

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  • Former President Mikheil Saakashvili, detained in Georgia, has gone on a hunger strike and demands to consider himself a political prisoner.

    According to the Georgian First Channel , the country’s ombudsman Nino Lomjaria stated this after a visit to Saakashvili.

    He is currently being held in the 12th Rustavi Penitentiary (SIZO).

    “I was interested in the conditions of detention, whether it was an exaggeration or not. He was detained today in one of the houses in Tbilisi, he was alone. There was no resistance, so no force was used,” said Lomjaria.

    According to her, Saakashvili asked for a meeting with the Ukrainian consul, as he is a citizen of Ukraine.

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