Occupiers boast that as many as 2 thousand people rested in “LNR”. Another 10 thousand – “abroad”, possibly in “DNR”

Only 2 thousand residents of CALO have visited the “tourist attractions” of the occupied part of the Luhansk oblast. This was stated by Roman Oleksin, who calls himself deputy “Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth of the LNR”.

“We can say for sure that the 2021 season has taken place. Despite all the difficulties associated with the coronavirus pandemic, more than two thousand (residents of CALO were able to – OstroV) visit various tourist sites in the (occupied – OstroV) territory (of the Luhansk oblast – OstroV).

“More than 10 thousand residents of the LNR were able to leave the Republic”, – he boasted.

The “deputy minister” did not specify where exactly the “foreign tourists” went from CALO, but based on his subsequent words, in most cases, it is about the occupied part of the neighboring Donetsk oblast.

“He added that as part of the implementation of the Agreement on the Creation of a Single Customs Territory and the Development of Economic Integration between the LNR and the DNR, the Ministry expects a significant simplification of the travel procedure for residents of the Donbass Republics. “This will increase the flow of tourists both on our territory and on the fraternal territory”, – local media quoted Oleksin.

(C)OSTROV 2021

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