“Now he owns everything.” Former friend of Putin Pugachev told how rich the president of the Russian Federation is and how he bribes foreign politicians

The former owner of Mezhprombank, Sergei Pugachev, who is now wanted in Russia and is suing her in The Hague for assets worth $ 15 billion, and from the mid-1990s to 2010 had close contact with Vladimir Putin, said that the President of the Russian Federation now ” owns everything.” …

“ Now he owns everything, he has nowhere to spend it ( money – ed.). He spends them on bribing foreign politicians, presidents of different countries, ”Pugachev said in an interview with Dmitry Gordon.

When asked whether Putin really bribes the presidents, Pugachev answered ” Of course.”

At the same time, he clarified that this is not done personally by the President of the Russian Federation, but this is ” Putin’s idea, we discussed it.”

“ Putin and Putin’s Russia have an instrument against which the European Union and America are simply powerless. It’s just real money. You see former Prime Minister Fillon, French – where is he? Zarubezhneft ( former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has been a member of the board of the Zarubezhneft oil company, which is controlled by the Russian authorities, since June 28, 2021 – ed.). Schroeder in general, while still the chancellor, simply did not get out of there. … You see, such useful idiots are ready to corrupt them. There are plenty of them in France. They are in Paris, they have influence. There are rich, there are poor, some former migrants of the third generation, ”said Pugachev.

He also described the mechanism by which foreign politicians are bribed.

“ That is, conditionally, someone says: ‘Vladimir Vladimirovich, we agreed there, everything is fine, we need to be there…”. He says: “Is it necessary? So, to Sechin ( Igor Sechin, president of Rosneft – ed.), To Miller ( Alexey Miller – head of the board of Gazprom – ed.), To a private businessman, to him with this question. ” They come and say: ‘Dad said,’ ”said Pugachev.

He also answered the question if Putin is the richest Russian.

“ Well, of course, yes,” said Pugachev.

He added that, in his opinion, Putin himself does not know how much money he has, “but if tomorrow he ceases to be president, from the richest Russian, he will turn into some kind of unfortunate, he understands this.”

Sergei Pugachev is a former member of the Federation Council and founder of Mezhprombank.

For many years, Sergei Pugachev was a close friend of Putin, whom he has known since the mid-90s, when he worked at the St. Petersburg mayor’s office.

In addition, he was one of the leaders of the election headquarters of the Russian president.

According to Pugachev, it was he who recommended the current head of the Kremlin, Boris Yeltsin, for the post of prime minister.

In the Russian Federation, Pugachev is accused of embezzlement or embezzlement of funds on an especially large scale, as well as abuse of power.

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  • “Now he owns everything, he has nowhere to spend it ( money – ed.). He spends them on bribing foreign politicians, presidents of different countries, ”Pugachev said in an interview with Dmitry Gordon.

    Yes, and these same corrupt officials in Europe, are the same ones telling Ukraine they need to fight corruption before being allowed in NATO, the EU etc. etc.

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  • It seems the writer of this forgot to include a detail about someone.

    “Sergei Pugachev, who is now wanted in Russia and is suing her in The Hague for assets worth $ 15 billion,”

    It doesn’t say before this sentence about who this “her” person is, or specify the reason of why they’re being sued. I’d rather want to read more to understand, but I must continue preparing for getting ready for my workday.

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  • Russia’s public sector is believed to comprise 40.6% * of its economy. In reality it is much higher, because putler and his cronies control so many private companies. All public sector workers must vote for putler or face persecution or worse. And of course workers of notionally companies that are private but actually owned by the putler murder gang must also vote for the tiny poisoner.
    That is why the system there must be completely dismantled before any decent change can come.
    * In comparison, Ukraine is 26.5; still way too high, Georgia 17.7; good, US 13.3; very good, UK 21.5; too high and the result of shitty Labour regimes. Belarus has 50%; very bad.
    Maggie and Ronnie believed that small government was the key to a successful and free economy. They were right then and they are still right now.

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  • Pugachev substantiates things we’ve known and/or suspected all along. Perhaps one day we will get a list that contains all the names in politics and industry that the gutter rat bought. Schröder and Merkel would be no surprise at all.

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    • This shows how corrupt the EU are. Nicolas Sarkozy was found guilty of corruption and sentenced to a year in prison. He will not be jailed, however, and can serve his sentence at home with an electronic bracelet, the court ruled.

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