Noise protection screens are being installed along the first modern concrete road in Ukraine (photo)

Route H-31 Dnipro-Reshetylivka. Photo: Ukravtodor

Installation of noise protection screens in the village of Svichkareve, Poltava district, on the H-31 Dnipro-Reshetylivka highway has been completed.

This was reported in the Service of Roads in Poltava region.

Such screens are the most effective method of protection against noise generated by cars and railways, as well as from sources of industrial noise.

Also in the SAD of Poltava region it was informed that similar screens are now being installed in the villages of Troyany, Chumaki and Brodshchyna. It is planned to install them in Kobeliaky, Berezhnivka and Shamraivka by the end of the year.

Route H-31 Dnipro-Reshetylivka. Photo: Ukravtodor

It will be recalled that the H-31 road passes through Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions. In Dnipropetrovsk region, the length of the road is 58 km, it is built of asphalt concrete; in Poltava – 80 km, cement concrete is used here.


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