In Ukraine, regional clinical hospitals are planned to be equipped with helicopter pads

Helicopter H225 with number 54. Photo:

Regional clinical hospitals of Ukraine in 2022-2023 plan to equip sites for helicopters, which will promote the development of aeromedical evacuation.

This was announced by Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko.

There is a “golden hour” rule in emergency medicine. This is the period of time, after an injury or other emergency, when the greatest chance to save a patient from death, “he said.

Therefore, according to Lyashko, the Ministry of Health together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police and the SES launched a pilot project of air medical evacuation. Within the framework of this project, the dispatcher of emergency medical care centers can initiate the issue of aeromedical evacuation of patients with emergencies, the head of the Ministry of Health explained.

“For 2022-2023, to improve the material and technical base of health care facilities, we envisage the construction of helicopter pads in each regional clinical hospital in each region of our country,” Lyashko wrote.



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