YouTube has blocked the channel of the German edition of RT. Margarita Simonyan demanded in response to ban Deutsche Welle in Russia

The YouTube administration has blocked the RT DE channel – the channel of the German edition of RT (Russia Today). This was announced by RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan.

Simonyan said that the channel was blocked without the possibility of recovery, but did not explain the reasons for the blocking. She called the incident “a real media war declared by the state of Germany against the state of Russia,” without specifying what relation the German authorities have to the YouTube administration.

I really look forward to the fact that my native state, without delay, will ban Deutsche Welle and other German media outlets in Russia, as well as close the offices of ARD and ZDF. I’m already silent about the sanctions to YouTube itself. At least out of self-respect, we must do this.

When trying to access the RT DE channel, the message “This account has been blocked for violating YouTube community guidelines” appears.

On September 27, YouTube banned content that casts doubt on the results of elections in Germany through “false claims of massive fraud.” Whether the blocking of the RT DE channel is related to this is unclear.

After requiring the American edition of RT to register as a “foreign agent” in the United States, Russia adopted “media – foreign agents” legislation as a “retaliatory measure”.

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  1. “This account has been blocked for violating YouTube community guidelines”

    By that standard ALL RT publications should be shut down and banned for propaganda and violating human rights to truth and honesty in the media.

    • Another case of Russian hypocrisy. We can ban Youtube, but Youtube can’t ban us. The only difference, Youtube didn’t go around and threaten to ban RT, they did it.

      • Countries don’t go around thinking rules and laws don’t apply to them, but regimes do. This is another explanation to cancel and ban the Moskali, they have fake votes so nobody has to recognize their regimes.

        • What amuses me, the Moskali propaganda was banned by Youtube, but in response they want to ban Deutsche Welle, and other German media outlets. Wouldn’t the logical thing to do, ban Youtube in Russia? What have Deutsche Welle or the others got to do with this?

          • The Moskali are completely addicted to YouTube. Cutting off YouTube in Putintopia would be a death sentence for the rabid dwarf. That’s why they want their own version of it but they’ll never get it. I’m sure you remember jousting with the RTrolls and they always threw up “evidence” from YouTube? lol

            • I notice the Moskali never mention why they was banned, or try to explain themselves. First reaction, throw the toys out of the pram and threaten all and sundry. Here is the reason why RT was banned.

              Initially RT’s German channel was issued a strike for uploading content that breached YouTube’s COVID misinformation policy, resulting in a week-long posting ban.

              RT then used a second channel, “Der Fehlende Part,” — which translates to “the missing part” in German — to evade the suspension.

              RT DE [the name for RT in Germany] “tried to circumvent the enforcement by using another channel, and as a result both channels were terminated for breaking YouTube Terms of Service,” the spokesperson said.

              YouTube added that it is against its terms of service to “use another channel in an attempt to circumvent the suspension of one channel by activity on another.”

  2. “a real media war declared by the state of Germany against the state of Russia,”

    It’s a war Russia will never win. The Moskali need Western media to promote their propaganda, the West don’t need their media in Russia at all.

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