West and retired superheroes. Do Ukrainians agree with Zelensky?

Many Ukrainians have long believed that the international community does not take Russian aggression against Ukraine seriously enough.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy in his speech on September 22 at the UN General Assembly criticized the ineffective response of the international community to the Russian aggression in Ukraine and supported calls for reform of the UN itself, calling the organization a ” retired superhero.”

The Ukrainian leader painted a grim picture of the damage done to global security by refusing to uphold international law and hold Vladimir Putin accountable for his attack on Ukraine. “No one in the world feels safe anymore. I emphasize: no one feels safe. And no one can hide behind international law, like behind a stone wall, “Zelensky commented.

He stated that the continued inaction of the international community in connection with the Russian aggression in Ukraine will contribute to the growth of instability and authoritarianism around the world. “This can lead to the collapse of the entire architecture of international relations. We won’t have any more rules. Nothing but the right to force. It will be a world in which selfishness will prevail instead of collective efforts; a world in which there are more and more dictatorships, less equality, less democracy and freedom. “

The UN’s decision not to join the First Summit of the Crimean Platform, which took place in Kiev on August 23, was particularly criticized. The Crimean Platform Initiative seeks to bring the problem of the ongoing occupation of the Crimean peninsula back on the international radar. A total of 46 countries and international organizations took part in the first summit, but the UN was not among them. Zelenskiy accused the UN of “ignoring a platform created specifically to address compliance and occupation issues” and made it clear that this was due to false fears of offending Russia, a permanent member of the UN Security Council. “If we want to breathe new life into the UN, let us remember that there are no chosen ones among us who cannot be offended. The UN is all of us, all 193 countries. “

Continuing his attack on Russia’s alleged international connivance, the Ukrainian president emphatically thanked some UN members who risked displeasing Moscow by raising the issue of Putin’s war in Ukraine during the current UN General Assembly. “I thank all the states that have mentioned Ukraine in their speeches here this year. It is very important. I also thank many others who are not ashamed that Ukraine is their friend and partner. Those who can call a spade a spade, call occupation, occupation, aggression, aggression, without fear that someone will leave this hall in front of everyone. “

Questioning the effectiveness of the UN in its current format, Zelenskiy pointed to the organization’s apparent inability to counter Russia’s passport imperialist policies in occupied eastern Ukraine, where the Kremlin has reportedly issued over 600,000 Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens since spring 2019. “Isn’t this evidence of an international crime? Isn’t this proof of impunity and disrespect for international law? Moreover, the Russian Federation itself officially declares this. And this forces the citizens of Ukraine to take part in the elections to the Russian parliament. If the UN does not respond effectively and decisively, does this not prove that the UN is already too late to revive? “

The former showman ended his performance in a distinctive style, comparing today’s UN to a “retired superhero” who has long forgotten what he was once capable of. “He considers himself a burden, a weak, frail, useless old man whose life was in vain. Or maybe the UN will remember something? ” Zelenskiy’s harsh rhetoric at the UN reflects the notably increasingly belligerent stance taken by the Ukrainian leader on foreign policy since early 2021. This led to the fact that he increasingly began to speak out about what he considers insufficient international support for Ukraine, since it has been fighting Russian aggression for eight years now. He also expressed disappointment at the failure of some partners to fully grasp the high geopolitical stakes of the standoff between Moscow and Kiev.

In total, countries have agreed to jointly donate over 1.2 billion doses of drugs worldwide, adding to the doses already funded through the global COVAX initiative.

Also ” quartet” agreed on the infrastructure partnership in the field of new technologies and the development of cooperation cyber security ( in particular Partnership 5G), joining forces in the fight against climate change and the development of space and scientific sphere.

During the meeting, they did not speak directly about China, but the country’s leaders assured that they are ready to withstand ” any pressure that will be exerted on any of us,” writes The Guardian .

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  1. “If the UN does not respond effectively and decisively, does this not prove that the UN is already too late to revive?”

    The UN is like an old horse, and needs to be put out of it’s misery. A new organisation is needed, omitting countries that grovel to dictators or terrorist countries. The list will be a small one to begin with. Most EU countries need not apply, but countries subjected to terrorism should be admitted immediately.

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  2. The Guardian published some of the worst putlerite propaganda I have ever seen in 2014, when it published a flurry of articles by the vile public school Stalinist Seumas Milne. (For for US readers, public school in Britain is the term for an exclusive private school attended by the sprogs of the elite).
    Milne was the advisor and propagandist for the then leader of of the Labour Party; the truly loathsome Jeremy Corbyn, or JeremIRA CorbLenin, as I like to call him. Since then, the Guardian has redeemed itself a bit by publishing supportive articles such as this one.
    Zel showed a fine turn of phrase in that speech, but it would have fallen on deaf ears with the shithole African and Asian regimes that support the nazi rodent.

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