The first freight train left Ukraine for China (photo)

he Ukraine-China container train will have to pass through the territory of a number of states.Freight train to China left the Kiev railway station / photo UNIANFreight train to China left the Kiev railway station / photo UNIAN

On Tuesday, September 28, the first freight container train left Ukraine for China.

The freight train to China left the Lisky railway station in Kyiv, the press service of the State Customs Service of Ukraine reported  .

According to the head of the department Pavel Ryabikin, the launch of the first export route of container transportation from Ukraine to China may be an impetus for deepening customs cooperation.

“First of all, in the creation of new mechanisms of cooperation between the customs of the People’s Republic of China and Ukraine in combating cross-border crime, simplification of customs procedures and simplification of trade procedures,” the official said.

The container train left Kyiv for Xi’an. The train consists of 43 containers.The freight train Ukraine - China has left the Kiev railway station / photo UNIANThe freight train Ukraine – China has left the Kiev railway station / photo UNIAN

Kyiv customs officers processed the first export goods to China.

“The train will cover a distance of almost 10,000 km through the territory of four countries. The export freight has been tested over the past three months, taking into account the experience gained during the transportation of imported goods by container trains between the cities of the People’s Republic of China and Kyiv,” the customs added. .

It will be recalled that at the end of October 2020, the first container train from China arrived at the Lisky station in Kyiv on a new route : China – Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Ukraine.

The freight train contained 41 containers. The train was on the road for 19 days.

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    • The first train from China went from China – Kazakhstan – Russia – Belarus – Ukraine. I’m assuming the same route will be used for this delivery. It’s BS sending anything through Belarus or Russia, but if these freight trains belong to China, Russia won’t interfere with them.

      • Oh dear I was afraid of that. More leverage for Russia. You could never trust a mortal enemy in a situation like that. Those cunts could interfere with the cargo in so many subtle and not so subtle ways. Better to bypass putlerstan if this is going to be a long term thing.

        • The alternative doesn’t look to be much better. If they go through Turkey, they need to negotiate Iran, Afghanistan and a variety of other shithole countries.

  1. I wouldn’t send ANYTHING to china. They’re getting even more hardcore with their communist tyranny, and have been stealing and/or spying here on the USA, for decades, ever since we’d started with any business trades with them. If they’re willing to do that against what is still for now, the most powerful country in the world, can you imagine how much WORSE it would be for Ukraine?

    • Oh they’re trying to steal from Ukraine too, you can count on that. Anywhere there is war, occupation, COVID or strife you will find the chinaman taking full advantage of their problems.

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