“BBC Russian Service”: Wagner PMCs stopped accepting people from the DPR, LPR and Crimea

Wagner’s private military company (PMC) has begun recruiting new mercenaries, presumably to work in Mali, the BBC Russian Service reported. The recruitment is carried out at the Molkino training ground in the Krasnodar Territory, said two sources of the publication.

In public places associated with PMC Wagner, they began to publish relevant announcements. Among other things, the reports say that PMCs do not accept citizens of Georgia, as well as everyone who was born in the territory of the Ukrainian SSR , including natives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, as well as Crimea.

The BBC notes that the latter reason for refusal “causes some outrage among many participants in the hostilities in eastern Ukraine.”

On September 25, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the Mali authorities “turned to a private military company from Russia” after France decided to reduce the number of peacekeepers in Mali. Lavrov did not specify the name of the private military company. Earlier, Western countries said that they are ready to withdraw their peacekeepers from Mali if the authorities of this African country invite PMC Wagner.

One of the members of PMC Wagner told the BBC at the end of August that a private military company “is already entering” Mali. In early September, there were reports on the network about the death of members of the Wagner PMC in Mali; then an acquaintance of the victims confirmed this information to Meduza.

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  1. Good enough to vote in the Duma elections, good enough to fight our ukrainian heroes, but not good enough for Wagners. The occupied territories officially achieved shithole status within the RF. I hope all traitors who aquired ruSSian passports now feel like what they are – IDIOTS!

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