The bill on oligarchs violates eight articles of the Constitution of Ukraine, – Vadym Novinsky

The People’s Deputy of Ukraine Vadym Novinsky said that the bill No. 5599 “on oligarchs” * contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine, infringes on the rights, and the very procedure for its appearance and filling is non-transparent. He told about this on the air of ” Mariupol television “.

According to the MP, for several months pro-government politicians have been presenting the bill as the most important task for Ukraine, while the National Security and Defense Council opaquely implements the procedure for introducing and forming the list.

“I believe that this (the draft law – editor’s note) is a mistake. There is a certain slyness in the very title of the bill. What threat to national security comes from large industry, which is the main payer of the state budget, which creates jobs, which pays decent wages? Large industrialists form the budget, ”Novinsky said.

He added that the very concept of “oligarchs” has a completely different meaning and denotes those who are in power and receive financial profit from the power.

“Nobody works on the budget from large industry, we form the budget, but the budget is spent by other people who are in power, so they are oligarchs who parasitize on the budget, receive kickbacks, bribes, contracts at inflated prices,” said the MP Ukraine.

As Vadim Novinsky said, the bill deliberately creates a number of far-fetched bans for the fight against a rival, so that the authorities ensure a peaceful existence. However, the bill violates the Constitution of Ukraine and will be subject to criticism by the Venice Commission.

“If there is an appeal to the Constitutional Court, there are clearly eight articles of the Constitution violated by this bill. There is an appeal by the Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Razumkov to the Venice Commission … This bill will definitely be subject to severe criticism with all the conclusions that will be sent to Ukraine. I believe that this bill is harmful and anti-Ukrainian, ”Novinsky summed up.

* Bill No. 5599 “On the prevention of threats to national security associated with the excessive influence of persons with significant economic or political weight in public life (oligarchs).”



  1. I believe that this bill is harmful and anti-Ukrainian, ”Novinsky summed up. More murder attacks on Zelensky’s advisors yes………………

  2. “I believe that this bill is harmful and anti-Ukrainian”
    Indeed, this bill should be trashed … and those who conceived it too. They are also harmful and anti-Ukrainian.

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