Russia plans to spend about 330 billion hryvnias on media integration – ORDLO

According to domestic Russian data, about 2.9 million people live in the occupied Donbass, 38% of whom are pensioners.Illustration / REUTERSIllustration / REUTERS

Russia plans to spend about 330 billion hryvnias (900 billion rubles) on the integration of the occupied Donbass .

This was reported by the project of Radio Liberty ” Donbass Realia “, referring to the approved by the Russian government “Program of accelerated socio-economic development of the territories for 2022-2024.”

“Scenario programs approved by the government of the Russian Federation are aimed at full integration of the occupied Donbass into the Russian economy,” a representative of one of Ukraine’s intelligence agencies told Donbass Realia.

According to domestic Russian data, about 2.9 million people live in the occupied Donbass, 38% of whom are pensioners.

It should be noted that the military component of the detention of the “DPR” and “LPR” terrorists is financed separately.

Elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation for inhabitants of ORDLO

  • The CEC of the Russian Federation has approved the involvement of ORDLO residents with Russian passports in electronic voting in the parliamentary elections in the Russian Federation, which took place on September 17-19, 2021.
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine called on Russia  to cancel the decision  and expressed strong protest against the actions of the occupiers. 
  • According to media reports, Kremlin-controlled militants conducted an active campaign to register residents on the public services portal. In addition, the occupiers organized the transportation of voters to the polling station in the Rostov region.
  • On September 8, the Verkhovna Rada called on the world community to warn Russia against holding elections in Crimea and Donbas.
  • Russian passports began to be distributed to ORDLO residents in the spring of 2019 after a relevant Putin decree. The world does not recognize their legitimacy.
  • (C)UNIAN 2021

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