Who is Karl Marx?



  1. A good video. It explains Marxism in its essence in a simple and easily comprehensible way. That’s why it should be shown in all the schools, worldwide. Instead, we have a huge army of brainwashed morons who call themselves teachers that propagate Marxist ideas, more or less, and the majority of media who are doing the rest of leftist indoctrinating.
    Another reason why Marxism cannot work that the video didn’t mention is the aspect of human nature regarding work ethic. In communism, there really is no unemployment, thus there is no incentive for people to do their best at work. They know that even if they get fired for being lazy bums or incompetent, they will be provided with another job by the state. That’s a major reason why there is always a chronic lack of goods in communist states that ranges clear across everything that anyone can imagine – food, clothing, vehicles, paint, bricks, bananas – everything except weaponry. Also, extensive corruption is almost always automatically created by Marxism since power is wielded by individuals who have no fear of consequences for their debasement as would be the case in a democratic system.

    • Hard core Marxists in academia have poisoned the minds of millions of kids in western countries over many decades. They must be extirpated. A ridiculous proportion of millennials are sympathetic to the ideals of this miserable worm.
      In Highgate Cemetary where this piece of shit is buried, retards can pay a huge premium to be buried nearby.

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