An instrument landing system was launched at Uzhhorod airport

From September 10, planes flying to Uzhhorod Airport will be able to take off and land using air navigation devices, instead of the rules of visual flights, as was the case before.

According to Eduard Malyar, director of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration’s infrastructure department, changes in Slovakia’s air navigation space took effect on September 9, and Uzhhorod Airport can now accept aircraft instrumentally rather than “manually.”

Also earlier Malyar informed on the page on Facebook that for transition to instrumental flights work of light signal system of the airport was tested, having published the corresponding photos.

It should also be noted that the changes, which came into force on September 9 in the air navigation space of Slovakia, delegated to Ukraine the right to control part of its airspace required for takeoff / landing of aircraft at Uzhgorod airport.

From now on, UkSATSE, in addition to previously declared services, also has the right to manage the use of airspace at the tactical level in a certain part of the airspace of the neighboring country and provide signals of a comprehensive DME beacon for inaccurate landing procedures at Uzhhorod airport. After the introduction of these procedures, aircraft operators will be able to use the airfield, reducing the impact of weather factors on the regularity of flights, especially in the autumn-winter period, “- commented earlier on the situation around Uzhgorod airport, the head of UkSATSE Andriy Yarmak.


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