“Only Poroshenko will have problems.” What will happen to the oligarchs after the adoption of the law – analysis of the lawyer

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the bill on oligarchs in the second reading on 23 September. The document is criticized in Ukraine – it is called an imitation of the struggle against oligarchs or a powerful whip of the authorities , which it can use at its discretion.

The founder of the League of Antitrust, Agia Zagrebelskaya, also sees enough problems in the anti-oligarchic law. The lawyer is convinced that the document will not significantly affect the oligarchs in any way, but may affect the interests of only the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and his political forces.

For Radio NV, Zagrebelskaya analyzed the adopted changes and political statements regarding de-oligarchization in Ukraine.

The main problem with this document is that it will in no way significantly affect the oligarchs. The law does not provide for any additional types of liability in relation to oligarchs other than those existing today.

In addition, the law leaves the oligarchs with the main three instruments of influence, with the help of which they ruled the country before:

–  Monopolies, which the law does not apply in any way;

–  Condition  – all the oligarchs’ money remains with them;

–  TV channels, which also remain with the owners, because there is no need to sell the channel because of the oligarch’s entry into the register.

The argument spread by the presidential faction – they will have problems abroad with investments or doing business – is also, unfortunately, not true for several reasons. First, there is no legal definition of “oligarch” abroad , and therefore there can be no direct legal consequences. Secondly, both the European Union and the United States have long known who the Ukrainian oligarchs Igor Kolomoisky and Rinat Akhmetov are without entering into the register. This did not stop them from investing money and attracting foreign investment. Therefore, life does not change for oligarchs abroad, in Ukraine, respectively.

Why was the de-oligarchization bill passed? This was done to [achieve] several goals. On the one hand, this is PR, because it is already clear that Volodymyr Zelenskyy is going to run for a second term [of the presidency]. This is the beginning of the election program of the already presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky. The second reason is to divert public attention from what is really going on. In fact, the so-called “anti – Akhmetov’s” law, which is supposed to increase the rent for the extraction of iron ore , has been failed . At the same time, criminal proceedings in Rotterdam are being closed. And more than 50 billion of [oligarch Dmitry] Firtash’s debts are being written off. It can be enumerated for a long time.

It is bad, of course, that [when the law was passed] the regulations were violated. This means that in the future any other law can be “extended” in the same way without regard to legislation and regulatory procedures.

But for the oligarchs, this law will change nothing. Unless a candidate for oligarchs, the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, may have problems with this law. His political party found itself under certain risks for the next parliamentary elections. Therefore, [political persecution] is one of the goals of the law, namely, the elimination of Poroshenko and his political force from the electoral

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  • Of course Poroshenko is the target, he’s the biggest threat to Zelensky and Kolomoisky. It’s very ironic that the only businessman amongst the whole stinking lot of them, is the one that will be first on the list.

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  • The only oligarch definition they need to concern themselves is: 1/ pro-Russia 2/ acquired their wealth by thieving, 3/ secret Russian passport, 4/ ownership of property or business assets in Russia or Russian occupied territories.
    Since Poro acquired his wealth by hard work and is a patriotic Ukrainian, he is not a candidate.
    In fact Poro is a politician who has done more for his country than any other world leader in recent history.
    Unlike trash like Obama, who only got rich after the presidency by writing lies that masqueraded as autobiographical material, Poro did something really good:
    He built a world class fmcg company from scratch that employs thousands in structured careers and when he became president he put some of his own money into the armed forces and their medical care.
    Akhmetov needs to be taken down and his assets seized, including that luxury apartment in Hyde Park that is valued at some insane amount. He is an organised crime boss with close links with utter vermin like Yanukovich, Medvedchuk and putler. He is what Brian Whitmore would call a ‘custodian of Russian money’.

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  • PACE, the EU as a whole, the UN and the US all should take a close look at this new law and apply pressure on the TV clown and the Rada if there is indeed a reason to criticize it. Will anyone do that?

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