“Chopping off hands is necessary for safety.” Taliban to resume corporal punishment in Afghanistan

Returning to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban plans to revive the practice of corporal punishment. This follows from an interview with one of the founders of the Taliban, Mullah Nuruddin Turabi, to the Associated Press.

When the Taliban were in power in Afghanistan the previous time – in 1996-2001 – they practiced corporal punishment and public executions in stadiums. For example, those accused of theft were cut off their hands, and the murderers were shot in the head by the relatives of their victims.

Turabi, who ran the ministry of promoting virtue and preventing vice (acting as a religious police) during the previous Taliban reign, said corporal punishment would be returned to Afghanistan. But it has not yet been decided whether they will be public.

“Chopping off the hands is necessary for safety,” Turabi said, noting that it has a deterrent effect.

“Everyone criticized us for punishments in the stadium, but we never said anything about their laws and punishments. Nobody will tell us what our laws should be. We will follow Islam and will establish our laws based on the Koran, ”Turabi said.

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  1. When a recognised government stoops to medieval barbarity, the civilised world should have the moral clarity to act.
    Each barbaric regime that is tolerated, and suffered to survive, is a black mark against our own claim to civilisation.

    • Of course, it would be completely improper and distasteful to recognize the Taliban, being a barbaric-type organization, as a legitimate government. I’m sure that most of the trash countries will eventually do so. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Biden administration joining them. He has screwed up so many other things so far, so why not this too?

      • Don’t forget Iran ,Saudi Arabia and a handful of others. All of which the U.N. recognizes as legitimate.
        The UN was supposed to promote peace and defend human rights. Instead, it celebrates and rewards the worst offenders. It is a stain on the conscience of humanity.
        It has been reduced to a festering sore on the body of civilisation. It hasn’t merely been impotent, or too cautious to act. It has acted. By those actions, it condoned violent abuse of citizens, and particularly its women. By its actions, therefore, the UN shares moral responsibility with these regimes.

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