The largest hot dog in Ukraine was recorded by representatives of the Book of Records of Ukraine, it belongs to TM Mr. Grill

The record was recorded during the traditional Oktoberfest celebration in Kiev. The record hot dog is 1.83 m long and weighs 24 kg.

After the official part of fixing the record, everyone had the opportunity to taste the author’s dish. It is symbolic that the main ingredient in the record hot dog is the classic Premiere sausage . It was with her that the most meaty Ukrainian sausages and Mr. Grill sausages in hot dogs at gas stations began more than 14 years ago. Natural farm meat: beef, pork, chicken fillet and spices create a taste that we remember from childhood. Thanks to innovative grill technology in combination with shock freezing, a sausage was made without MMO ( mechanically processed meat ), preservatives and harmful additives.

Recall that in 2015, the Premier FOOD group of companies with TM Mr. Grill already set the record for the largest hot dog with a size of 1.17 m and a weight of 19.5 kg. The Premier FOOD group of companies is a recognized national leader in the field of food service. The company now produces an average of 10 million hot dogs and 3 million Mr. Grill burgers per month, which can be tasted at gas stations, street food and retail chains.

The certificate was awarded to the founder and director of Premier FOOD Vitaly Voytovich.

(c) HB


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