Members of Moscow election commissions and observers demanded the cancellation of the results of electronic voting. They called it a “falsification tool”

Members of Moscow precinct and territorial election commissions, together with election observers, advocated the abolition of the results of remote electronic voting (DEG) in Moscow. They  sent an open letter to the head of the public headquarters for observing the elections in Moscow, Alexei Venediktov.

The letter says that the e-voting system “is an instrument of falsification.”

The authors of the appeal noted that on average 30.17% of voters voted for United Russia at polling stations in Moscow, and 30% for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. In electronic voting, “United Russia” received 44.77%, and the Communist Party – 15.53%. In addition, winners have changed in 8 out of 15 single-member constituencies, taking into account the results of electronic voting.

Members of the election commissions said that people came to the polling stations who “were surprised to find that they were registered with the DEG, while they did not do it.” The members of the commissions who were at the electronic voting precinct were given only 30 minutes to look at the list of voters registered in the DEG (which is two million people).

The appeal also says that access to the server where the voters’ data were stored and the key to electronic voting was provided only to employees of executive authorities. Voting results were not published within 12 hours after the end of the elections, while observers did not have access to the system after 20:00 on September 19.

“No one knows and cannot verify what happened in the next 12 hours before the publication of the results,” the appeal says.

At the time of publication of this news, the letter was signed by more than 400 people.

The cancellation of the results of electronic voting in Moscow was previously demanded by candidates for the State Duma deputies, who said that “millions of citizens of our country have their votes stolen.” The candidates announced the creation of a coalition “For the abolition of the DEG”. The corresponding statement was signed by Marina Litvinovich, associate professor of Moscow State University Mikhail Lobanov, who ran for the Communist Party, the head of the Moscow branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Valery Rashkin, and a member of the Yabloko party, Sergei Mitrokhin.

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