Akhmatova Museum canceled a lecture by philologist Elena Volkova. In the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg she was called “the enemy of Russia”

The Anna Akhmatova Museum in the Fountain House canceled a lecture by philologist, Doctor of Cultural Sciences Elena Volkova after a call from the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg. Volkova herself told about this to Sever.Realii and was confirmed by the director of the museum, Anna Sokolova.

Under an agreement with the museum, the philologist was supposed to deliver three lectures at the Fountain House. The first one – “The Golden Cockerel and the Silver Dove: a Story about a Bird in the Hands of Anna Akhmatova, Alexander Pushkin and Andrey Bely” – she has already read. The other two – “Everybody is asleep, with all the truth in them: Joseph Brodsky and John Donne” and “Actionism and religion: language, challenge, judgment” – were scheduled for September 23 and 26, respectively. In the last lecture, which Volkova had already read at the Akhmatova Museum earlier in June, in particular, parallels are drawn between Michelangelo’s fresco “The Last Judgment”, the painting “Holy Virgin Mary” by Chris Ofili and the Pussy Riot punk prayer “Mother of God, Drive Putin away” in the temple Christ the Savior.

“I come to the director’s office, and they tell me – we have very bad news, they called from the Committee on Culture and told us to film your lectures, because you are an enemy of Russia, you make some anti-Russian statements, but they didn’t say which ones” , – said Elena Volkova in an interview with the publication.

Director of the Akhmatova Museum Anna Sokolova, in turn, said the following: “We were not interested in the political views of Elena Volkova, I found out about them only after a categorical recommendation not to provide the site of the state museum to the ex-professor of Moscow State University. I was told that she is against Russia, against the policy of the current government. “

The philologist suggests that she could have fallen into disgrace due to the fact that after the annexation of Crimea she “publicly condemned Russian aggression”, or because of the publication of her book “Lump of Gleb” about the late dissident, priest and deputy Gleb Yakunin, which told about the church’s ties with the KGB.

The canceled lectures by Elena Volkova will nevertheless take place in St. Petersburg – they were transferred to the Open Space site on Dostoevsky Street.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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