State Joint-Stock Company “Artem” prepares tests of kamikaze drone “Hunter”

Kamikaze drone “Hunter” from Artem State Joint-Stock Company. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

Artem State Joint-Stock Holding Company is completing the development phase of the Myslyvets remote-controlled aircraft complex. The next step is to move to flight tests of a prototype of this system.

Transmitted by the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Defense Express .

It should be noted that the first presentation of this system took place during the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021”, which took place from 18 to 21 June this year in Kyiv.

Unmanned aerial vehicle “Hunter” is designed in particular to destroy enemy manpower, light vessels, unarmored and lightly armored vehicles. To perform such “Hunter” can deliver a combat unit with a strike nucleus and ready-made elements that hit ground targets.

The “hunter” can also hit heavy armored vehicles and fortifications, for which this kamikaze drone can be equipped with a cumulative warhead.

To hit low-speed air targets at an altitude of up to 5,000 meters, “Hunter” can use high-explosive fragmentation warhead, equipped with GEP.

Kamikaze drone “Hunter” from Artem State Joint-Stock Company. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

“Hunter” is essentially a “planning bomb”, which has the following characteristics:

  • the weight of the portable complex is 35 kilograms, of which the weight of the aircraft itself is not less than 15 kilograms;
  • maximum flight speed – 380 kilometers per hour, flight time at maximum speed – up to 15 minutes, flight range at maximum speed – 80 kilometers; the radius of application is 30 kilometers;
  • the time of readiness of the complex for launch – 15 minutes, in particular the readiness of the aircraft for launch – 1.5 minutes.


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