In Ukraine, announced the creation of special prisons for “thieves in law”

“Thieves in law” are dangerous even behind bars, said the Deputy Minister of Justice.Prisons for "thieves in law" may appear in Ukraine in 2022 / illustrative photoérémy LARROQUE Prisons for “thieves in law” may appear in Ukraine in 2022 / illustrative photoérémy LARROQUE

special prison for so-called “thieves in law” may appear in Ukraine next year .

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Justice Olena Vysotska in the “Right to Right” program of the “Dom” TV channel .

She stressed that “thieves in law” are dangerous both at large and in prisons, as they enjoy enormous influence.

That is why it is so important to isolate “thieves in law” in order to eliminate this influence, and this requires special capabilities and equipment.

According to her, the first institutions specifically for “thieves in law” may be created in Ukraine next year.

“Now we are working to create in Ukraine at least two institutions with such a special status, and to work out all the technical means, to work out the emotional, psychological state of staff in such institutions, to prepare the whole team to work with such entities to We hope to be ready to receive the first convicts under this article next year, “said the Deputy Minister.

According to her, the conditions for keeping “authorities” in such institutions will be organized accordingly.

This is a chamber type of detention, not just a “dormitory” where everyone can stay together. These are isolated premises, and it is more expensive for the state to maintain such institutions. These are technical means – video communication, video surveillance, video recorders for staff to avoid conflicts. there must be a modern institution, “Vysotska summed up.

We will remind, in the beginning of August 2020 the Minister of Justice Denis Malyuska told that in Ukraine will start selling prisons which are not used . The official also said that it is possible to build new facilities where convicts can serve their sentences.

(C)UNIAN 2021


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