Are you still comparing Ukraine, Russia and Belarus?

Vitaly Sych

Chief Editor NV

There are many problems in Ukraine, but in less than 20 years Ukraine has learned to walk. Belarus and Russia still have to learn to walk

Recently in the editorial office of NV I met with colleagues from Belarus, 17 people. People who were forced to leave their country after Lukashenka launched unprecedented repression.

And the main message that I brought to myself: “God, how good it is that we are in Kiev ( with all its shortcomings), and not in Minsk. It’s so good that at one time we were able to break out of the coordinate system of authoritarianism and disrespect for people. “

It may be dirtier in Kiev than in Minsk, but there is no physical fear for your life and for the fact that you are doing your job, and life is in full swing, the guys themselves said.

Colleagues are surprised by the presence of municipal media in Ukraine, because there are no other media outlets there, except for the state ones. And we do not have any, except for private ones. Yes, wild, but free and competitive. And in every city there are private media outlets, in Odessa, Kharkov and so on, but no one has a monopoly.

There are no elected mayors in Belarus, all mayors are appointed by the president, so there is no need for their own media.

The guys are interested in how it is, when elections are held and politicians are advertised in the media, how it happens. Usually, they are placed on commercial terms, like everyone else. There are no elections, no big campaigning in the streets and no political competition in Belarus.

In Ukraine, media is an institution. As well as the executive branch, legislative and judicial. Journalists may not like the authorities in Ukraine, but they cannot deny their power, this is an institution. Once the deputy of the Party of Regions Vitaly Zhuravsky proposed a bill and tried to criminalize journalists for libel. It is clear that this was in fact an attempt to silence all investigators. This was Zhuravsky’s last bill; it was even leaked by the Party of Regions.

Many people abroad have the impression that there is a lot of corruption in Ukraine. But this is only partly true. In Ukraine, there is a wild freedom of speech, and there is a lot of writing and talking about all corruption cases. Nobody knows the scale of corruption in countries where it cannot be talked about. For example, from neighbors.

Elections cannot be stolen in Ukraine. That’s just not possible anymore. On election day, there are six exit polls competing with each other, they are announced at 21.00 and practically do not differ from the official election results. If the exit polls differ even by 6% with the official data, especially in terms of the party or the candidate in power, there will be a big scandal. There are no exit polls in Belarus.

Competition policy in Ukraine. Wild but competitive. You cannot just bend everyone, you need to please the voters, answer the questions of crazy journalists and respect the rights of other factions in parliament, even if you think they are idiots.

Minsk journalists are sadly surprised by the Kiev taxi drivers who admire Lukashenko and the fact that he was able to keep the state factories. A club in the ass would quickly adjust the outlook.

The war with Russia catalyzed social processes and forced all manufacturers to reorient themselves to other markets. If before 2014 Russia accounted for 40% of Ukrainian exports, now it is less than 10%. Now Ukrainian goods go to the EU, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. New production and certification standards.

There are many problems in Ukraine, but in less than 20 years Ukraine has learned to walk.

Belarus and Russia still have to learn to walk.

(c) NV


  1. Ukraine are moving away from the nazi repression favoured by Putler and his henchmen, hence the neverending attacks on Ukraine both physically and verbally. Ukraine has shown how to stand up to a terrorist state, the West could learn a lot from Ukraine, and how to act like men in the face of an aggressor.

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    • The Budapest signatories should simply say to Ukraine: we are obliged to respect your sovereignty and we have not done enough. This time we are coming to you, rather than you having to come to us cap in hand. Just tell us exactly what you need a) to ensure that any further Russian incursion will involve catastrophic losses for the enemy and b) to create the conditions, in terms of crushing sanctions, to help drive the enemy off your land permanently.

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        • Totally. Ukraine has to somehow come out of the next 3 years of Biden and /or Kamala intact, hope the GOP win, but not with Trump and try to build a more productive relationship.
          Ukraine might do quite well in future under Kuleba, but there’s not much he can do to sway the treacherous Biden.

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  2. A nice cheerful article for a change.
    According to Ukraine is still importing $4.55B/yr from Russia. No idea if that includes gas. Exports to putlerstan are $2.71B; a massive deficit. WTF?
    Those (unfortunately very few) countries that help Ukraine might be wondering why Ukraine is still putting so much business Russia’s way?

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