The construction of the main taxiway has started at the Odessa airport

At the Odessa airport, following the new runway, which was put into operation on July 16 this year, the contractor began the next stage of reconstruction – the construction of a new main taxiway (MRD).

The work has been going on for a month and a half and is going at a good pace. The technology of erecting the main taxiway of the MRD, which runs along the entire new runway, is exactly the same as for the construction of the runway, the only difference is that the taxiway is much narrower – the width of the runway is 45 meters and the MRD is 22 meters.

At the first stage it is necessary to dig a pit one meter deep, and then to start forming a kind of sandwich, filling the pit with layers of gravel, sand and cement. The top layer, as well as on a strip, will be from so-called heavy concrete, about 40 cm thick, and it will be laid by the American car – the Gomako concrete paver.

Scheme of publication “Wings”

The new runway of Odessa airport turned out to be even better than experts expected. The so-called hardness of the coating was designed with a value of 64 units (PCN = 64), but tests showed a hardness of 75 units. This means that the runway will last longer and can accommodate heavier aircraft.

Photo: Odessa Airport

We will remind, earlier we reported that in the Odessa airport opened the newly built platform complex which is calculated for reception of eight aircrafts.



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