“Technically, we see the huge success of Smart Voting, but our result is stupidly stolen.” Alexey Navalny on the election results

Politician Alexei Navalny commented on the results of the Duma elections. The corresponding post appeared on his social networks in the afternoon of September 21.

Technically, we see the huge success of Smart Voting. And in Moscow and St. Petersburg, so generally a triumph. <…> But, to be honest, the overall result cannot be called a “victory”. Our result is stupidly stolen. Redrawn in the most primitive way.

Navalny also compared the elections with a sports match: he expressed confidence that if earlier he and his supporters “sometimes achieved draws, occasionally – victories, and the crooks twisted the results on the scoreboard so that their winnings looked more convincing”, now the opponents of the authorities “just smashed the rivals at the match. ” “But they have the scoreboard. And they again drew a victory for themselves, ”the politician said. 

At the same time, the main result of the elections, Navalny called the fact that now “the thought ‘they still have no more’ anymore.” 

Candidates supported by Smart Voting were in the lead in eight out of 15 districts in Moscow based on the results of vote counts cast directly at polling stations. However, after adding the results of the electronic voting, they all lost. At the same time, data on online voting in Moscow were published with a long delay.

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One comment

  • Same story in the US. The only ballots that should be allowed are paper ballots printed on paper with nonduplicable watermarks and printed only by approved printers, and hand counted. Results are announced only after forensic audits by people not connected with the political parties.


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