Scottish shipyard to build warship for Ukraine

Ukraine previously signed a memorandum with the UK to secure £1.25 billion in funding to build new military vessels for the Ukrainian Navy, the first ship will be constructed in the UK and the remaining 7 vessels will be built in Ukraine.

More recently (and what has allowed this to move forward), Babcock signed a Cooperation Agreement with Ukroboronprom in support of Ukraine’s Naval Capabilities Enhancement Programme.

Ukroboronprom State Concern is a strategic manufacturer of weapons and military hardware in Ukraine that consolidates state enterprises to meet the needs of the defence and security forces of Ukraine.

“This signing enables Babcock to continue to build on the recent signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Implementation (MoI) in Odesa between the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the UK Government and Babcock, which confirmed Babcock as the designated prime industrial partner. Working collaboratively with Ukroboronprom, Babcock plans to invigorate the supply chain for Ukraine by working with local companies across the UNCEP which will help to deliver jobs, skills and wider economic benefits.

Babcock is well-placed to support Ukraine’s ambitions for the UNCEP, with an established history of designing, building and managing the integration of some of the world’s most complex ships, from small combat boats and rescue craft to offshore patrol vessels and aircraft carriers, coupled with significant experience in the new build, refurbishment and management of modern shipyard and naval base facilities.”

NavyLookout have reported, and they are the first to do so, that the lead ship of the P50-U FIACs to be built for Ukraine will be built at the Babcock facility in Rosyth. You can read more from the excellent NavyLookout here.

Babcock CEO David Lockwood said:

“We are delighted to sign a Cooperation Agreement with Ukroboronprom in London. As the designated prime industrial partner in delivering the Ukraine Naval Capabilities Enhancement Programme it is vital and important that we find innovative ways to collaborate. Working alongside Ukroboronprom we have a team of experts dedicated to ensuring that our engagement with Ukrainian sub-contractors and Ukrainian Government agencies progresses quickly to deliver a modern naval fleet and maritime support infrastructure in Ukraine.”



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