Maria Zakharova put the liberals in their place with a fictitious dialogue about “Smart Voting”. 

Foreign Ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova continues to fight liberals on Facebook even after the end of the State Duma elections. Especially the West and the supporters of “Smart Vote” get it.

Memes with Gennady Zyuganov in place of Alexei Navalny were used (“Smart Voting” recommended supporting the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the last elections), as well as recordings of broadcasts with the participation of Vladimir Solovyov, where Zakharova spoke about “THEIR reaction to OUR elections.”

The official representative of the Foreign Ministry did not stop there. Zakharova composed an instructive dialogue between her son and his liberal father, who, at the behest of Navalny, voted for the Communists in the 2021 elections. It is undoubtedly a masterpiece. We present the dialogue in full, without abbreviations. As the saying goes, whoever does not understand will understand.

– Dad, who did you vote for in 2021?

– For the communists, son.

– Were you a communist?

– No, I was a liberal.

– And the liberals for the communists?

– No, they are categorically against the communists.

– And the communists are for the liberals?

– No, they are categorically against the liberals.

– And what place did the communists take?

– Second.

– And the liberals?

– None.

– Why then did you vote for the communists?

– It was a smart vote.

– Who took the first place?

– Those who were against smart voting.

– Maybe you should have been against smart voting too?

– No, son, you have to be principled and not betray the ideals in which you believe.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  1. “…whoever does not understand will understand.”
    Only a complete fool can understand complete idiocy, or as the saying goes, only brainless morons support the crime syndicate in mafia land.

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