“AvtoKrAZ” made a geolocation trailer for the control system of unmanned trucks (photo)

AvtoKrAZ has developed a geolocation trailer for the control system of unmanned trucks. It is already used in the quarries of Ferrexpo companies.

According to Serhiy Vasechek, the chief designer of AvtoKrAZ, there are no analogues of this product in Ukraine, the National Industrial Portal reports  with reference to Kremenchuk Gazeta .

“Modern ore mining requires a lot of time spent on production. Many used cars are large, which export ore. They are already controlled by computers and work unmanned.

For them to work properly, they need to be managed, monitored, controlled and corrected. To do this, there are products such as mobile communication points. They are autonomous, energy independent of the power supply. It is actually an independent solar power plant. In the absence of sun, it uninterruptedly switches to battery power, ”Vasechek said.

Photo: Kremenchug newspaper

The geolocation trailer was made to order of Poltava Mining and Processing Plant. It took about half a year.

Only high-quality materials were used for the invention. It must work at both high and low temperatures.

The heart of the structure is a power plant. This compartment contains the controller, the automatic start / stop of the generator. There are rechargeable batteries nearby. In working condition, they are lifted, fixed and allow the trailer to move. The device has video cameras that monitor online movement. It is also equipped with a barrier that can block the traffic area.

“There is a lot of information about such products on the Internet. In Europe, of course, they exist, but they are too expensive and not entirely adapted to our conditions. We created for a specific technical task, as the customer needed, ”explains Vasechek.


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