The secretary of one of the units of the Naval Forces of Ukraine was brought to administrative responsibility for a trip to the occupied Crimea and a conversation with the FSB: she will pay a fine of 19 dollars.

To administrative responsibility under paragraph 6 of part 1 of Art. 212-2 КУоАП for violation of the legislation on state secrets attracted a secretary of one of the units of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, stationed in the Odessa region.

As the correspondent reports, the Primorsky District Court of Odessa found the senior sailor guilty and collected a 510 UAH fine from her.

Military counterintelligence sent the materials to the court. According to her, in 2017, a serviceman with access to state secrets traveled on personal matters to the occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. While crossing the demarcation line, she was detained, interrogated and questioned by officers of the FSB of the Russian Federation.  

Returning to the territory controlled by Ukraine, the secretary, in violation of the Procedure for organizing and maintaining secrecy in state bodies, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations, did not report the incident to the management.  

Note that at the time of the offense, the secretary was on maternity leave and returned to service only this year.


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