“The robot decided to slow down with the publication until nimble hands fake the results.” Navalny – on electronic voting in elections

The Central Election Commission is delaying the publication of the results of electronic voting in the Duma elections in Moscow due to falsifications in favor of United Russia. This opinion was expressed on his instagram by Alexei Navalny, whose associates promoted the protest tactics of “Smart Voting” in the elections .

“The robot thinks for a long time.” At the elections in 2019, this “robot” published the results instantly, but now he is thinking.

It is clear why. As far as I understand, according to data from offline polling stations, it can be seen that in Moscow the candidates for “Smart Voting” won in 11 out of 15 constituencies, and in St. Petersburg – in 7 out of 8.

Therefore, the robot thought about it, lit a cigarette and decided to slow down the publication until the clever little hands of United Russia fake the results into completely opposite ones.

The results of online voting in Moscow have not yet been published – 18 hours after the end of the elections. Electronic voting protocols for nine Moscow electoral districts appeared in the chats of independent members of election commissions. At first, the candidates of “Smart Vote” and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation won in them, but then they lost.

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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  • They sound so surprised. So the commies won the elections. No wonder in a country that praises Stalin and people are starving. But Putler, just like Biden 😎, rigged the elections into his favor as usual.

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