“Spetsoboronmash” introduced into production the technology of equipping missiles with explosives (photo)

Launch of the R-360 anti-ship missile of the Neptune missile complex on June 17, 2020 Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The state enterprise Spetsoboronmash, which is a part of Ukroboronprom, has introduced a new advanced technology for equipping B-360 warheads of the Neptune coastal missile complex by the method of vacuum lump filling.

The technology provides the most dense filling of the product with explosives in accordance with the stated characteristics and design documentation. Due to the vacuum lump filling, the striking effect of ammunition is significantly enhanced.

Equipment of SE “Spetsoboronmash”

The method is suitable for equipping various types of products, which provides the company with technical capabilities to establish serial production of warheads for Alder and Neptune missiles, aerial bombs, etc., as well as to create a closed production cycle of ammunition and their elements within the production cooperation of munitions industry Ukroboronprom .

Combat part of the B-360 coastal missile complex “Neptune”

“One of the key conditions for the successful creation of ammunition production in Ukraine is the serial production of individual components and high-quality equipment of warheads with explosives,” says Nikita Samokish, director of Spetsoboronmash. – In order to introduce the method of vacuum lump filling with the support of the state and the Concern for Special Defense Defense, new equipment was purchased. This significantly increases the efficiency of the enterprise, which works to strengthen Ukraine’s defense capabilities. “

We will remind, earlier we reported that the same state enterprise “Spetsoboronmash” mastered technology of vacuum flooding of artillery shells of 155 mm caliber.


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