A new TV tower was built in Luhansk region to transmit a signal to the occupied territories (video)

In the Luhansk region, in the village of Komyshuvakha, Popasnyansky district, a new 150-meter-high TV and radio tower has started test broadcasting.

Dmytro Surzhenko, director of the Innovation and Information Center, told the Public about it , the National Industrial Portal  reports  with reference to the Public .

The new TV tower broadcasts the signal of Ukrainian TV channels within a radius of 50 kilometers to the occupied territories of Luhansk and Donetsk regions.

According to the head of the Luhansk regional state administration Sergey Gaiday, from a tower to a demarcation line – about nine kilometers. The signal of Ukrainian TV channels will be spread within a radius of 50 kilometers.

The tower consists of 19 sections and weighs almost 100 tons. Its installation lasted 4 months. Worked without the involvement of a helicopter due to the proximity to the line of demarcation.

Surzhenko added that a 9-meter-high fiberglass flagpole was installed on top of the TV tower and a 4 by 6 meter Ukrainian flag was hoisted on it.

In total, the TV tower will broadcast 32 TV channels and 6 radio stations.

According to the Ministry of Development of Communities and Territories of Ukraine, the total cost of the project is UAH 44.4 million (including UAH 40.9 million – state budget funds, UAH 22.5 million – sectoral support, UAH 18.4 million – social subvention -economic development, UAH 3.5 million – own funds of the project executor KP “Information and Innovation Center”).

Due to the synchronization of the Bakhmut and Popasnyanska TV towers, the signal radius will increase significantly. Ukrainian channels will be available in many densely populated regions of the temporarily occupied territory, in particular, in Horlivka, Debaltseve, Vuhlehirsk, Alchevsk, Stakhanov.


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  1. 50 km is not very much, but better than nothing. Locals could stream the channels on their websites to reach more people. It’s very risky though. We will have to wait how the brainwashed sheep will respond to the rigged Duma elections. Probably will go for vodka and not give a flying crap…

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