Ukraine has developed an RZ-60 UAV target for anti-aircraft missile tests

UAV target RZ-60 from PJSC “Ramsay”

Volodymyr Shatov, Technical Director of Ramzai PJSC, during the round table “Tactical Defense Systems Urgently Needed by the Army” (held on September 15) announced the creation of a budget unmanned target to train the calculations of the Air Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As he noted during a speech at Ukrinform , the RZ-60 product is a budget system (probably with an approximate cost of $ 10-20 thousand), and should partially meet the existing needs of the Armed Forces in the training of air defense units.

Presentation of the RZ-60 UAV target from Ramzai PJSC

The UAV target, developed by PJSC Ramsay, is about 1.5 meters long and has a relatively low speed of about 300 km / h. A few years ago, it was first demonstrated by the military.

“There is an RZ-60 unmanned aerial vehicle. In 2019, we were invited to show how this UAV as a target can be used for the Armed Forces. Because VR-2, VR-3 (we are talking about obsolete Soviet UAVs Tu-141 “Swift” and Tu-143 “Flight”) and the rest, on which anti-aircraft missile systems are used at the range “Yagorlyk”, they end “, – Vladimir Shatov told.

The tests were successful – the necessary systems of the Armed Forces (SAM, radar radio reconnaissance) successfully detected the target and it was hit by the S-300PT complex.

However, later, despite the interest of the military, difficulties began. The technical task sent by the security forces almost increases its cost by an order of magnitude and the private developer considers it excessive.

UAV target RZ-60 from PJSC “Ramsay”

“They laid the data transmission to the control point, the inertial system, the video system, etc.,” said a representative of the developer during the report.

However, the final word is for the customer – the Ukrainian military. Because they decide what they need. The problems of completing the complex will be solved in a dialogue between the developer and the customer.


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