The first Cheeseburger Eating Championship in Ukraine was held in Odessa

The first Cheeseburger Eating Championship in Ukraine was held on September 18 in Odessa. The event was organized by the Billy’s Hamburgers cafe, where the championship was held.

Those wishing to take part in the duel had to fill out a questionnaire, pass the selection by the jury and fight in the battle for the title of the Odessa King of Cheeseburgers.

More than 500 applications were received, of which 12 finalists were selected. The main idea of ​​the competition was to eat 12 cheeseburgers in 15 minutes. Famous Odessa musicians and bloggers followed the transparency of the competition: Zloy, Call Me Artur, DJ Symbiothic, Nikita Idi Syuda and Artem Vizart.

It is interesting that among the participants of the competition there were not only guys, but also girls who created worthy competition for the guys. The championship was attended by several students, a bartender, a musician, a professional boxer, a yoga tour organizer and even a bank employee.

All contestants used different tactics of “eating” cheeseburgers. Someone ate very quickly and also quickly left the race, someone calmly alternated food and water, energetic students danced, someone ate standing up, and someone just came to have a free lunch and did not strain too much.

There were whole fan clubs among the fans who came to support the guys.

The championship was held in an atmospheric establishment where authentic American hamburgers are prepared every day according to the recipe of old man Billy from California.

Billy’s Hamburgers decided to organize such an unusual Championship on International Cheeseburger Day.

The undisputed winner of the championship, the Odessa King of Cheeseburgers, was student Vadim Hasanov, who ate 11 cheeseburgers in 15 minutes and received the promised prize – ten thousand hryvnia in the form of a personal certificate.



  1. I dislike gluttony! I learned my lesson at “The Big Texan”, Amarillo, Texas. The challenge is : can you eat their 72 oz steak? If you do, it’s free! I tried it and gave up half way through, even though it was tasty!

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        • I wonder what happened to his intestines after that? I guess he would need to eat a shitload of refried beans to clear them out!
          Nice pic and a good memory for me from many years back.
          I might go back to revisit Texas one day.

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          • You should and if you want good seafood fly into Houston and then go stay on Galveston Island. There are about 50,000 people there but if I remember right there are about 8,000 restaurants. I like the Red Snapper and the Mahi Mahi.

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            • I have never visited that area, but always wanted to. Corpus Christi and Padre Island are well recommended too. I think it would be a nice winter vacation spot.
              Glen Campbell did a very cool guitar solo on his live version of Galveston. :-

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    • Hahaha, I’ve been there and tried it too! Its free IF you can eat it in one hour. I will answer F1 with the rest. Very cool you ate there to Scradge, you get around. The biggest difference though is the southern beef is SO much harder to eat. If it was from the Midwest it is corn fed and MUCH easier to eat. Tastier too. I always advise people to eat beef when north of Kansas City and pork or chicken south of Kansas City 🙂

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      • You have excellent regional cuisine in the US redders. I did not know about that north-south beef divide!
        A couple of observations: Louisiana has the best cuisine; especially Cajun. New Mexico is a foodie paradise: Santa Fe and Taos are very cool.
        Another memory: I had some time to kill prior to dropping off our hire car at Houston Airport. We drove at random through some suburbs, before coming across an impressive looking TexMex joint. We asked the tall and rangy waitress for recommendations and she said go for the “El Presidente” and that she ate it all the time. This turned out to be highly unlikely as it was a gigantic banquet of rich dishes; each one amazing. I’ve never tasted TexMex anywhere near as good as that. As I hate airline food, this was a great blowout to see us through the long flight back to LHR.
        However, if you’re ever in Georgia (the one by the Black Sea), the cuisine is superb and the wine world class. Although this Georgia does not have the Allman Bros, it does have catfish and peaches like the Deep South one!

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        • Pretty brave to eat Tex-Mex before a long flight, lol. I’ve had to slam gallons of water afterwards. Yes if you’re ever north of Kansas City you will want corn fed beef which is WAY better than weed fed beef in the south. Also if you ever see “Iowa Chops” get them! You won’t regret it. They’re cut like a Porterhouse but usually about 2″ thick.

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