Transplantology Center opened in Lviv (video)

The Transplantology Center, which currently has no analogues in Ukraine, was opened at the Lviv Ambulance Hospital on August 25.

The center has a separate intensive care unit, operating room and ward, which will care only for patients who have had organ transplants. On the opening day of the center, the hospital performed a transplant of two kidneys from a posthumous donor.

The new center is located on the seventh floor of the hospital. It has two modern operating rooms with new equipment: in one you can remove organs, and in the other – to perform a transplant. Separate resuscitation for seven beds and single wards for patients after transplantation.

According to Maksym Ovechko, the head of the hospital’s transplant center, the project of the transplant center was borrowed from foreign colleagues. It is equipped with modern equipment, has a powerful ventilation system and more. They worked on the implementation of this project for a year and a half, used the money of the City Council and patrons, but mostly invested the money that the hospital itself earned from organ transplants. After all, the hospital is part of the Ministry of Health’s pilot transplant project and receives public money for transplants. In 2021 alone, the hospital performed 32 organ transplants (including heart transplants), and a total of 54 transplants were performed here in a year and a half.

“UAH 25 million is the amount invested by the city community, but it is meager, because when it comes to life, it is priceless. We have had incredibly big changes this year. The goal is simple: for us to reach the result of 2024, when the territorial medical association (TMO), which includes the Lviv ambulance hospital, entered the TOP-200 medical associations in the world, “said Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy.

The Center’s doctors have ambitious plans: they plan to perform 500 transplants a year.

Symbolically, but on the night before the opening of the Center, relatives of a 61-year-old resident of Lviv region who died of a stroke agreed to take a kidney. The recipients were 43-year-old and 47-year-old residents of Ternopil region and Chernivtsi, who had a chance to live a full life. One man was on hemodialysis for 10 years, the other – less than a year.

“We know how to perform a transplant: how to remove organs, how to transplant them. We have been taught this and it is not too difficult for us. The most difficult thing is to talk to relatives whose loved ones have died about donation. In each case, you need your own approach. We showed the relatives of the 61-year-old man a video in which the mother met a man in whose chest her son’s heart was beating. They understood how important it is to save someone’s life and agreed to take a kidney, “said Maksym Ovechko.

On the walls of the Center hang portraits of people who got a second chance at life thanks to donation. Many former hospital patients and their families came to the opening of the Center. I met some of them in intensive care immediately after transplants. Now they are simply unrecognizable. They recovered after complex operations, live a full life, travel, make plans, dream.

Among those who got a second chance at life is 22-year-old Vasyl Khudyo from the Starosambir district of Lviv region, who had a heart transplant here in February 2021. The guy on his feet suffered from the flu, which gave a severe complication to the heart. He would not have lived a year without a transplant. Now Vasily is simply unrecognizable. With a donor heart, he runs 20 km, pressed on the bars: 9 approaches up to 10 times.

Lviv Clinical Ambulance Hospital is one of the leaders in Ukrainian transplantology. More organ transplants are performed only at the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology. O. Shalimov.

Transplantation in Ukraine is gaining momentum. Currently, 40 medical institutions have licenses for transplants, four of them in Lviv. Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital and Clinical Ambulance Hospital perform organ transplants for adults, and the Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Center and Lviv City Children’s Hospital – for children. The Western Ukrainian Center is currently preparing for the second kidney transplant for a child from a family donor, and the city children’s hospital plans to perform a liver transplant in the near future. All four hospitals are included in the Ministry of Health’s pilot project on organ transplantation, which means that such operations are free for patients, their hospitals are paid for by the state.


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