Merkel speeks in favor of granting EU membership to Balkan countries

However, the German Chancellor stressed that in order to join the EU, Serbia and other countries in the region must make more efforts to carry out democratic reforms

German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for Brussels to grant EU membership to the Balkan countries. This position was expressed by the head of the German government on September 13, at a joint press conference with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic in Belgrade, Deutsche Welle reports.

“The absolute geostrategic interest for Europe is for these countries to join the EU,” Merkel said.

However, she said Serbia and other countries in the region must make more efforts to carry out democratic reforms in order to gain EU membership.

On September 14, the Albanian capital, Tirana, will host a meeting between the German Chancellor and the heads of government of all six Western Balkan countries – Serbia, Albania, the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo, aspiring to join the EU.

Brussels has been negotiating EU membership with Serbia and Montenegro for many years. Albania and Northern Macedonia are officially considered candidates for accession, and Bosnia, Herzegovina and Kosovo are considered potential candidates.

Since 2014, Brussels has been pursuing a course to strengthen regional cooperation with the Balkan countries in the framework of the Berlin Process, initiated by Angela Merkel.

As it was reported earlier, in October 2019, at a meeting of the European Council, French President Emmanuel Macron voted against the start of negotiations with Northern Macedonia on accession to the European Union. The Prime Ministers of Denmark and the Netherlands voted against negotiations with Albania. Skopje applied to join the EU back in 2004, and Tirana in 2009. In the summer of 2019, Northern Macedonia fulfilled one of the conditions for the start of EU accession talks: it settled the existing dispute with Greece over the country’s name.

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  • “Albania and Northern Macedonia are officially considered candidates for accession”

    This just shows how hypocritical the EU are. They forever throw out the pathetic excuse that Ukraine can’t join the EU because of corruption etc. Albania are currently higher placed in the corruption index than Ukraine. Ukraine climbed 21 places since 2019 to 132, whereas Albania only climbed 5 places to 139, yet we hear no neverending hot air directed towards Albania about corruption.

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  • Of course the Stasi snot wants more putlerite countries in her club. Eventually everyone will be in, except of course Georgia and Ukraine.

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    • Ukraine need to keep out of that cesspit, corruption in the EU totally dwarfs any corruption in Ukraine. For an organisation that has had no audit for over a decade, they need to look at themselves first, before getting on their high horse.

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      • Of course the EU is as bent as fuck. Probably the truth will come out when it finally collapses, which will not be for quite some time yet.
        However, in the unlikely event of an offer to join coming Ukraine’s way, it would be virtually impossible to decline; there would be another Maidan. Also, poor countries do incredibly well out of it. Just look at Ireland as an example. Similarly, Poland was up shit creek when it joined in 2004; it’s now a successful medium income country.

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        • I firmly believe that Ukraine could do well sans EU membership. It has lots of potentials, both in raw materials and in the know-how. It just has to have the willpower to do so and to sell the people on the idea. Being an EU member certainly has its advantages but this comes with a high price that costs certain freedoms and increased bureaucracies. And, it doesn’t really need a Germanystan and frogland telling it what it can and cannot do.

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  • Albania is a total shithole, while Serbia has a strong solid economy. What kind of drugs does this stupid cow take???

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