Anti-sabotage sonar stations were purchased for the Ukrainian Navy

Small armored artillery boat (MBAK)

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and Atlas Elektronik signed a contract for the supply of three stationary Cerberus Mod2 sonar stations.

It is reported that the contract was signed in July 2021. The cost of the contract is estimated at about 6 million euros.

Stations are designed to organize anti-sabotage – the detection of enemy combat swimmers.

These stations are planned to be installed at three Ukrainian naval bases.

German sonar stations began to be used in the Navy. Hydroacoustic station Cerberus Mod 2

This is not the first purchase of Ukraine in the German military-industrial sector.

In 2019, Ukraine has already purchased two sonar to detect Cerberus Mod2 saboteurs from Atlas Elektronik UK for $ 900,000.

They were intended for MBAK and Centaur boats, and in 2020 the Ukrainian Navy began using German Cerberus sonar stations.

This station allows you to detect a diver with a closed loop scuba within a radius of 700 meters and automatically notify the operator.

Its operating temperatures: from -2 ° to 35 ° Celsius
Working depths: from 2 to 50 meters
Horizontal viewing angle: 360 °

German hydroacoustic stations Cerberus started to be used in the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Photo: ArmyInform

Then, answering the question why the domestic GAS “Tronka” was abandoned, the chief designer of “Kuzny na Rybalskomu” answered:

“Tronka did not produce the expected results and we are forced to use Cerberus sonar stations from Germany. She was tested last year and she showed very good results. That is why we are buying these stations now in Germany, ”Serhiy Bilozubenko said


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