Kickbacks failed: Ukraine stopped the theft of millions of hryvnias on laptops for teachers

In Ukraine, a large embezzlement of public funds was prevented on the government program “A laptop for every teacher”. The cybercriminals who tried to organize a rollback mechanism when purchasing about 60 thousand laptops were exposed.

This was stated by and. O. Ilya Vityuk, Head of the Cybersecurity Department of the SBU, at a briefing at the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

“Individuals wanted to ensure unlawful collusion of participants in the IT market and stated that they were allegedly authorized to do so by the leadership of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine. SBU disclosed all the details of the “scheme”. The amount of the scam would amount to 30% of the “kickbacks” from the subvention, which is about UAH 300 million. For these funds, it would be possible to purchase thousands of notebooks for teachers, ”emphasizes Ilya Vityuk.

According to him, intelligence officers warned the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine about the scheme, which are engaged in this subvention.

“Together we held a meeting to which we invited market participants, which is about 30 IT companies. We have dispelled the myth that this scheme is “covered” by the Ministry of Digital Industry and told the firms to abandon their criminal plans before it is too late. We warned them that kickbacks are unacceptable, and if someone violates the law, the reaction will be quick and harsh, ”explains Ilya Vitiuk.

Before the intervention of the special services, Ukrainian businessmen were ready to accept the criminal demands of the attackers. Now all tenders have been sent for additional expertise.

Considering that the government program “A laptop for every teacher” is a state subvention in the amount of 980 million hryvnias for the purchase of notebooks for teachers from different regions of Ukraine, 30% of kickbacks would mean losses to the state for more than 300 million hryvnias.

(c)MRPL.CITY. 2021

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