McDonald’s announced the launch of a restaurant in Mariupol

McDonald’s fast food restaurant will open in Mariupol in the near future. Vitaliy Stefurak, director of development at McDonald’s Ukraine, reported this to the Interfax-Ukraine website.

“We are going to big cities where we are not yet, for example, to Mariupol. Also, establishments will appear in Kropyvnytskyi, Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod. And this will mean that all regional centers will already have our restaurants, ”said Vitaly Stefurak.

In addition, he added that the network also plans to open in satellite cities of other large cities – Kharkov, Lvov, Dnipro and Odessa. In small towns, they are primarily planning to install McDrive points.

“In cities with a population of over one million and satellites, we are primarily interested in individual sites where institutions with McDrive can be located, with all the sales channels that are now in Ukraine, ” emphasized the director of development at McDonald’s Ukraine.

Note that currently in Ukraine, the McDonald’s chain has 104 restaurants in 24 cities.

As the mayor of Vadim Boychenko  reported earlier , it is  not easy to get the world famous chain to enter Mariupol .

“You need to understand what McDonald’s is, I talked with two US ambassadors, met with representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, I persuaded them. We took it by the fact that we have changed a lot, we are developing, showing dynamics – the share of young people is increasing, more and more young people remain in Mariupol, the birth rate is increasing, this year – twice, ”said Vadim Boychenko. 

According to the mayor, the company has identified possible locations for construction . Decisions will be made at city council sessions and discussed with the public.

(C)MRPL.CITY. 2021

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