HIV hit the Russian budget: there is no more money for the purchase of drugs for the infected, healthcare budget 25% down.

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has exhausted the annual budget for state purchases of drugs for patients with HIV infection, writes Kommersant. By mid-July, the department signed contracts for the supply of antiretroviral drugs for 27.7 billion rubles.

And although the budget increased by 2.8 billion rubles compared to last year, the physical volume of purchases decreased by 15%. By mid-July, the state purchased 367.2 thousand annual courses for HIV-infected people against 433.8 thousand in the same period a year earlier.

According to the estimates of the Treatment Preparedness Coalition (it independently monitors government purchases of drugs for people with socially significant diseases), more than 66 thousand patients who are already taking drugs may receive less treatment. At the same time, in 2021, patients who have just registered should also begin treatment. They may also be left without medication.

A critical situation may arise in the fall: it is worth waiting for the onset of interruptions in drugs – non-dispensing of drugs, changing the treatment regimen, warns Natalya Yegorova, head of the monitoring department of the Coalition for Treatment Preparedness.

To avoid this, the Ministry of Health plans to increase purchases, but there is no money in the 2021 budget anymore, and the drugs will have to be paid de facto in debt.

Three new tenders, announced by the Ministry of Health, will be funded next year: 27,000 annual courses of lopinavir / ritonavir are planned to be purchased for 1.4 billion rubles.

In the federal budget for 2021, 1.252 trillion rubles are allocated for health care, which is 54 billion more than a year earlier. This amount is 5.5% of the budget. It is 4.5 times less than the treasury spends on security officials and state purchases of weapons, and 1.5 times less allocations for the maintenance of the apparatus of officials and state authorities.

In fact, in January-July, the Ministry of Finance spent 573.2 billion rubles on the healthcare system – 193 billion, or 25% less than a year earlier.

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