Belarus to place Russian S-400 SAMs on border with Ukraine

Lukashenko has said that Belarus will buy more than $1 billion in weapons from Russia15:36, 13 September 2021Alexander LukashenkoBelta

Belarus wants to place S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems on the border with Ukraine, which they plan to buy in Russia. The statement came from President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, BELTA reports.

“Currently, we have completely blocked the perimeter in the western direction with the S-300 complexes. But, as you know, we have added the southern direction. We discussed this topic with the Belarusian generals and Russians. The south is stoking against us. We have to prepare – border with Ukraine is 1200 km. Therefore we will have to close this perimeter as well. And we were talking about the fact that the S-400 would be appropriate for us,” Lukashenko stated.

Lukashenko also said that Belarus would buy Russian weapons for over $1 billion. Russian weapons will be delivered to Belarus by 2025.

As it was reported earlier, in the end of July Lukashenko declared that he is ready to place Armed forces of the Russian Federation in the republic if it will be necessary for security of the union state.

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  • “We discussed this topic with the Belarusian generals and Russians.”

    Cut the crap Luka, you and the Belarus generals were ordered by the midget to place their weapons on your border. You have no say in the matter.

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    • The Belarusian KGB has been run by Russians for decades and now that Luka lost the election Putin has been granted full authority in Belarus. Once he signs away everything he will just be a hermit. Placing these weapons on the border of Ukraine has been the plan all along. To continue to surround Ukraine and get closer to Kyiv. In response, Zelensky should close the borders and make it quite public. Well, my two cents anyway, lol.

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      • Russia are shit scared of these Turkish drones after seeing them destroy Russia hardware in various recent wars. Not sure their S400’s will fare any better. It looks like Ukraine tried the drones out on the oil depot in Donetsk today, the Russian air defenses were unable to detect anything as usual.

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  • I hope that the world’s airlines will avoid Belarusian airspace. Unarmed civilian airliners are about all that these things can shoot down.

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