A new overpass has been opened as part of the construction of the Northern Bypass of Rivne (photo)

At the newly built overpass in Rivne region, which is part of the Northern bypass of the city of Rivne, traffic was opened for road transport.

Transmitted by the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  CTS .

It is noted that now the first turn is under construction – a six-kilometer section of the road from the highway H-25 Horodyshche – Rivne – Starokostiantyniv (km 146 + 630) to the highway of state importance T-18-32 / H-22 / – Khodosy – Kustyn – / N -25 / km 8,426.

As part of the construction of these 6 kilometers, 2 artificial structures are being built: an overpass over the ravine and an overpass over the railway.

The next stage is the reconstruction of a 4-kilometer section in the village of Khotyn and the current repair of the road to the H-22 highway.

The works are performed by the contracting organization “GOST G2, Gomel”.

“The northern bypass will free Rivne from cars traveling on the M-06 highway from Zhytomyr and Kyiv in the direction of Lutsk and the Ustyluh checkpoint on the H-22 highway. Displacing a significant flow of transit traffic outside the city through the construction of the Northern Bypass will relieve city streets, save from the destruction of street surfaces, as well as help improve traffic safety, improve the environmental situation and develop the city as an important transportation hub, “- said in a statement. Ukravtodor ”.

As you can see in the photo, only the first layer of asphalt is laid on the overpass, without the top layer of coating.


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