Lukashenko: Belarus will receive a billion-dollar armament from Russia

According to Lukashenko, these weapons will be needed, in particular, to “close the perimeter” of the border with Ukraine, because there may be a threat from there.Lukashenko announced the purchase of weapons in Russia for more than a billion dollars / photo REUTERSLukashenko announced the purchase of weapons in Russia for more than a billion dollars / photo REUTERS

Belarus plans to buy more than $ 1 billion in Russian weapons .

The head of the ruling regime of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, told reporters during the West 2021 military exercises at the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground near Baranovichi, BelTA has learned .

In particular, Lukashenko discussed prospects for the supply of C-400 systems with Putin during talks in the Kremlin.

“Probably, for 3-3.5 hours from 8 o’clock we had a dialogue about defense and security. He told me about more modern S-500 systems that can work on ballistic missiles. … Thank God, now we have completely C systems. -300 blocked perimeter in the western direction, but as you know, we also added the southern direction, we discussed this topic with the Belarusian generals and the Russians, we are being heated from the south, and what else will happen … We have to prepare – 1200 km border with Ukraine , so we will have to close this perimeter as well, and we just said that the S-400 would be useful to us, and he instructed the Minister of Defense to work out these issues with ours so that we could raise these issues. complexes to us “, – Lukashenko told.

According to him, by 2025 the Russian authorities have agreed on a whole list of weapons for supply to Belarus.

“It’s about a dozen planes, some of us have already arrived, it’s a few dozen helicopters, Thor-M2. Large volumes. This suggests that both we and the Russian Federation are very serious about this western direction, where we are in direct contact with NATO troops, “said the head of the regime.

Speaking about the threat from the West, Lukashenko cited the 1941 event as an example.

“You see how they behave. So you can’t relax, given the experience of 1941, when we calmed everything down, calmed everyone down – don’t respond to provocations, etc. – and then got a deafening blow and almost lost Belarus in a few months. History is a lot. We want to be ready in advance, and the essence of this is modern exercises. … The Belarusian-Russian union does not need extra territories. God forbid we can deal with our own, “he concluded.

Earlier, in early September, Lukashenko said that Russia would supply the Belarusian regime with a large consignment of military equipment – aircraft, helicopters and modern air defense systems.

Russia and Belarus: military exercises and the Union State

On September 10, Russia and Belarus launched a joint strategic exercise “West-2021”. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, the practical actions of the troops started simultaneously at nine landfills in the Russian Federation, in the Baltic Sea, as well as at five landfills in the Republic of Belarus.

Earlier, on September 9, Lukashenko met again with Russian President Vladimir Putin  and said that Russians and Belarusians were “practically a single people.”

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov said that the Ukrainian authorities are aware of the threats to the  agreements between Putin and Lukashenko , but now “everything is under control.”

At the same time, according to Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, if Russia absorbs Belarus, Ukraine will receive another 1,000 km of danger .

Against the background of Russian-Belarusian exercises, Ukraine has already strengthened the protection of the state border .

(C)UNIAN 2021


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