Turkey tightens entry rules for foreigners vaccinated with Sputnik Light

The Turkish authorities have changed the rules of entry into the country since September 3, the Russian embassy in Ankara said.

Foreigners vaccinated with Sputnik Light and other single-component vaccines (except Johnson & Johnson) when entering Turkey now need to present a negative coronavirus test or a certificate of the transferred COVID-19.

Those vaccinated with two-component vaccines approved by the Turkish authorities or the World Health Organization will not need such documents.

Turkey at the end of June allowed the entry of tourists vaccinated with any Russian vaccine against coronavirus. Previously, upon entry, they  only had to carry a vaccination certificate in English.

On September 9, TourDom.ru reported that some Russian tourists were no longer allowed on planes to Turkey with Sputnik Light vaccination certificates, and they had to urgently take PCR tests.

According  to the tour operator Tez Tour, some airlines have received notifications that only tourists who have received two doses of the vaccine are allowed to enter Turkey, with the exception of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine.

Sputnik Light is the first component of the Sputnik V two-component vaccine. Both of them were developed by the Moscow Gamaleya Center. Sputnik Light was registered in Russia in May.

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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