The Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council believes that English should be mandatory in Ukraine

Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet and switch to Latin.Danilov spoke at the expense of the English language in Ukraine \ photo UNIANDanilov spoke at the expense of the English language in Ukraine \ photo UNIAN

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Oleksiy Danilov believes that English, like Ukrainian, should be mandatory in Ukraine.

He said this in an interview with Radio Liberty.

“I am for two languages ​​in our country. English must be mandatory. Because if we are talking about the civilized world, then English is the language of civilized communication. And we must understand that everyone should know English. Who already summer, it is difficult, it is one thing, and, since kindergarten, it should be in schools “, – Danilov emphasized.

Also, in his opinion, it is necessary to get rid of the Cyrillic alphabet and switch to Latin.

As UNIAN reported, in the same interview, Alexei Danilov said that he believes that Ukraine’s partner countries on the “Crimean platform” should take active action in connection with the situation in the occupied Crimea.

“I am very pleased and I was very impressed when so many partners supported the Crimean Platform, but there must be action after that,” he said.

(C)UNIAN 2021


  • Agreed. Time to just do it.
    In Georgia, English is the second language. If you go in any shop selling high end merchandise such as sports, tech, fashion etc, the young staff will all speak English to a high standard. Everyone speaks Georgian, which has its own unique alphabet, as a first language. Only the 45+ demographic still speaks Russian as a second language and language options on eg: public information signs, road signs, menus, official documentation etc are Georgian first, English second.

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  • Serbia, a slavic orthodox country, uses both the cyrillic and latin alphabet. Maybe Ukraine could do the same and see which is more popular in the long run. US English is a beautiful language, which opens many doors when it comes to study and employment. I think Ukraine and Belarus should make the command of english mandatory. Putin would be pissed off and younger locals would definitely benefit from it.

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  • They should just let the people decide what to study as a second language. It is a fact that most useful is English but there are many other opportunities to speak alternative languages, such as German, Japanese, French and so forth. It depends on the individual’s personal preference and/or where they want to live or what companies they want to work for. A decent range of languages should be offered in schools.
    As for the alphabet, I think it’s a bad idea to change it to Latin. The Cyrillic alphabet has a long history in Ukraine that goes back to the days of Kievan Rus. Changing it does not make the language any easier to learn, in my opinion, and it would be quite costly. Keep Cyrillic as it is a part of Ukraine’s identity.

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  • English is the lingua franca of business and science, and should be learned in Ukraine as a matter of course. Switching to the Latin alphabet would make Putin rage and yell at the clouds. I think dual use, as with Serbia, would be a good idea for awhile.

    Facts, identities don’t change by changing an alphabet. In this case, adopting the Latin alphabet would shout they are truly separate from the imperialists north of them.

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