The Ministry of Defense reported on the purchase of weapons through the NATO agency in 2020

BMP-1 test with combat modules. July 2020. Photo: General Staff of the Armed Forces

The Ministry of Defense has published a report on procurement for the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the NATO Agency in 2020.

The data are published in the  report of the  Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, reports the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  Military .

2020 was the first year that Ukraine began procurement through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA).

So in the year the Ministry of Defense purchased 1,200 sets of winter suits for special forces.

60 modules for bath and laundry services were purchased.

These modules allow washing of personnel and washing of things in the field.

7,500 TOR-D ballistic helmets were also purchased.

TOR-D helmets are a light version of the TOR ballistic helmet produced by the Ukrainian company UaRms.

In 2020, the US ballistic laboratory Chesapeake Testing confirmed the compliance of ballistic helmets TOR-D.

According to the results of testing 6 samples, it was found that the TOR-D helmets fully comply with the level of protection IIIA according to the standard NIJ 0106.01.

It will be recalled that the first purchase through the Agency for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the purchase of a caterpillar belt for BMP-1 and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles.

BMP-2 combat vehicles repaired and modernized at ZhBTZ Photo: Ukroboronprom

In January, the Department of Military-Technical Policy, Armament Development and Military Equipment of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine placed an order for 2021.

The order applies to the purchase directly from manufacturers also through the Agency of samples of weapons of a certain range within the state defense order.



  • I’m wondering if Ukraine has secured bunkers. It seems like Russia is pushing for a full war if that’s what it would take to seize back the territory of its old soviet bloc. I doubt that putin would be stupid enough to go back to communism, but I’ve read on this news channel about how some of the older people are “nostalgic” for wanting communism back again.

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    • You’re right about that Mac, there is a strong bloc of nostalgia for the Soviet times. The bloc is getting smaller though and that’s Putin’s bloc of support too. The Joint Force commanders have consistently said that they are prepared to repel the Russian infestation so I hope and pray for their success. Likely it would be very expensive for both sides.

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  • Good!
    High-standard equipment is essential when fighting while being outnumbered. I remember the interview with Azov members in 2015 who said that they lacked almost everything. They did not even have uniforms issued. Many purchased them privately, coming from British, US, German and other sources. They had a hodge-podge mix of gear back then.
    The ballistic test standard NIJ 0106.01 is quite old, issued in 1981. I hope that the TOR-D helmet has been tested in NIJ 0106.01 Modified. It is also important to meet the US Standard – Mill STD 662 E, UK Standard – UK / SC / 5449 or NATO Standard – STANAG 2920 for fragment resistance. A helmet, after all, is a very important piece of personal equipment.

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